Healing the Soul and the Spirit:

Teachings of the Divine Mother

An Introduction by Neroli

Painting: Mother of the World

Have you ever wondered why you do the things that you do? Why you wrestle sometimes with the negative aspects of your lower nature, when all you really want to do is express your true divine nature?

When we find it hard to understand ourselves the answers frequently lie in our personal psychology, which has evolved through the difficult experiences and different influences we have been subjected to over many lifetimes. It is unfortunate that for many of us our spiritual progress can be completely halted unless we come to grips with healing our personal psychology.

You don't have to be a psychologist to understand how your psychology works. In fact, with a little help from heaven, you are often the best one to understand yourself. After all, you have created yourself through all your past incarnations. The good news is; if you don't like what you are currently manifesting, you can change it!

The ascended masters have much to teach us about our personal psychology and how to gently unravel the knots in our psyche or soul. They encourage us to engage in the process of recreating ourselves. This course contains key psychological teachings from a spiritual perspective that can greatly assist us with those knotty problems that we all face.

Join us for six sessions of in depth study and discussion conducted by Rev. Neroli Duffy, former medical doctor turned minister with The Summit Lighthouse, and Summit University workshop presenter. This all new series of presentations is designed for students new to the teachings of the ascended masters or anyone who is sincerely seeking a spiritual path. Students of long standing on the spiritual path will also find these sessions enlightening. Healing Your Personal Psychology: Teachings of the Divine Mother on Healing the Soul and the Spirit might just be the life changing experience that you are looking for.